January 29, 2012

Why do you go to church?

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Words of wisdom from the local Christian radio station today (paraphrased): You don’t go to church to see “what can I get from it?” but to give – to give praises to God and be joyful and thankful for what He has given to you.  It’s a time devoted to praising God.

I thought this was an interesting concept and a good reminder.  So many times we go to church and are, in a sense, judging how “good” the church is.  Our response to the question of “why do you go to ____ church?” is something along the lines of “the Pastor is good/has good messages” or “the music is great”, or sometimes even “my friends/family go there.”  And this is one of the reasons people church-hop so much, because they are always searching for something better that they can receive from the church – better speakers, better music, better community.  But we forget that not only are we trying to get something out of church – which is also important – but it is time for us to give.  To give thanks for what we have, to give encouragment to each other, and to use this protected time to give praise to God. 

Having not grown up in a Christian family, it was always a privilege for me to be able to go to church, because it was such a rare occurence.  Now, I am able to drive myself to church every week, and enjoy it.  But I also find myself being kind of elitist – oh I don’t like big churches because I feel lost, this pastor is new and doesn’t speak as well, the music is not as good as my last church so I can’t really get into it… so many complaints, so many “I wish they could” or “if only they did this it would be so much better”… but that’s not all what going to church is about.  It’s about enjoying time with God, loving Him, praising Him, and being able to just BE with Him – something we often don’t find enough time for the rest of the week.

So next time you go to church, don’t just sit there and passively listen.  Don’t think about all the things that could be better about your church or the people around you.  Use that time to thank God and appreciate all He has done for you. Use that time to renew yourself in Him, and to love Him as he loves you.