February 8, 2015

Death is not the end

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Here is another story that I came across a long time ago (more than half a year ago!), that I saved because I wanted to share.   This is a very touching blog post by a woman who had just lost her 5 year old son, her apprehension in explaining the loss to his twin brother and younger sister, and the hope that heaven brings despite it all.  I think it’s an amazing testimony to the strength God gives in times of need.  Get your tissue boxes ready.

The Church at Brook Hills and David Platt

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This of course, is a very belated post, since all of this happened basically last September.  But I’ve been meaning to post about it, and since I finally am fed up with all the tabs open on things I’d like to post on (lol), I’ve decided to finally get this on here.

I had many mixed feelings when I first heard the announcement that David Platt would move on from being the Senior Pastor at Brook Hills, to becoming the president of the International Mission Board (IMB).  Not because I had particularly known him at all… in fact, that was one of the reasons I was so full of mixed feelings.  You see, David Platt was a name that came up many many times in my church, a name that people spoke with reverence and respect.  And little wonder – my church happens to be somewhat of a church plant from Brook Hills, so many of the people there had spent the last few years under his tutelage.  From all their words of praise, I’ve always wanted to go to the church someday and listen to him preach, but it’s about 30 minutes away, which for someone like me is relatively far to travel.  However, I had just heard of Secret Church last Easter, which he hosted every year apparently, so I had been planning to check it out this Easter.  Little did I know that the chance to hear him preach in person would be lost much sooner than I imagined.

On the other hand, I am very happy for him in this new position.  It sounds like the position will give him the ability to do something that’s long been on his heart in a more effective way than he could have before, and it sounds like a lot of thought and prayer went into this decision.  I’m excited that the IMB has him as their new president, and I’m sure he’s going to do great things for them in God’s name.  While I did not have the chance to ever hear him in person, I have seen a couple of his sermons online, and I can tell that he is very passionate about spreading the Gospel to all people and all nations.  If you need an example of his earnestness here’s a link to his message to the Church at Brook Hills after he made his decision to take the new position he was offered.  And here is a follow-up article about his last Sunday as Senior Pastor at Brook Hills.