June 11, 2015

Christianity and Binge Drinking

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This is a topic that is often on my mind, since college and after.  I admit I have a tendency to be perhaps too Pharisee-like in how much I dislike drinking in general, but I thought this was a pretty good, balanced and Biblical article on the topic that addresses the problem and yet not going too far off the other end like I might in some situations.  I do think the consequences of drinking, especially in today’s society, is pretty dangerous, and something that people don’t think about enough in this culture.  And I think something one of the commenters brings up is also a main issue – that in addition to making excuses for poor behavior, as the article touches upon, drinking is often also due to some deep-seated pain (loneliness, fear, self-loathing) that has no other outlet and is not addressed.  I hope we as a Christian community can become safe havens for people in that situation – that true love and acceptance can conquer the need to drown one’s sorrows or numb one’s feelings through drugs of any sort (and yes, that includes alcohol).

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June 9, 2015

Christians, Be Careful What You Say On Facebook

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I’m not sure how reblogging works, as this is my first time doing so, so hopefully this works haha. But anyway, thought this was a good reminder for how to respond as Christians.

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While the Bruce Jenner* controversy is at its peak, be very careful about what you are tempted to say about it on social media. Though your gut reaction might be to post a comment/article that articulates your disgust, I beg you to reconsider. Here’s a couple of reasons why.

  1. Many of you are either looking at porn, or something close to it. I know this because some of the pages and videos that you “like” on Facebook show up on my news feed. You probably don’t realize this, because you keep doing it, and I keep seeing it. Unfortunately, all sexual perversion is a result of human corruption. You have it, I have it too. But you…

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