July 9, 2014

The Pastor’s Kid

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Just ran across this article on a new facebook friend’s wall yesterday (we met during a youth retreat we were both helping out at this weekend). It’s about Barnabas Piper’s (John Piper’s son) experience as a pastor’s kid, and his new book, The Pastor’s Kid.  Pretty interesting stuff.  I think sometimes when we think about pastors, especially well-known ones like John Piper, we tend to build them up in our minds to be larger than life, and we see their kids, who look so kind and obedient on the outside, and think they must have a wonderful family life.  I know sometimes I look at friends’ families who grew up Christian, and think “I want that for my future family.”  But they tell me that it’s not all sunshine and roses – that they also have fights and issues that go on behind the scenes.

During this retreat, one of the pastor’s kids (PK’s) did actually speak up in the sharing time about his experience, and how he always had a lot of anger pent up and hated being a PK.  (I was not really familiar with this term before this weekend, though I may have occasionally heard it once or twice in the far past, now that I think about it).  This was coming from a boy that everyone just thought of as mischievous and who smiled and laughed all the time.  It’s so strange – how much we can all hide our true selves to the world behind a smiling facade.  But anyway, that’s what I thought of when I saw the article, and I actually would be pretty interested in reading it to see what it has to say.  Like the video at the end mentions, I think this would be good, not only for PK’s and pastors to read, but also for all of us to consider as well.