July 24, 2015

“Some Objections” – Chapter 2 of Mere Christianity, in audio/video form.

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I found this a while back (like probably almost a year ago now if you can believe that…) and just never had the time to actually watch it until now.  I had read C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity sometime in college, and thought it was a pretty good read, so seeing it in audio/video format like this was a nice reminder of some of the contents of the book.  Overall, I liked the logic in the book, and it seemed more relevant/practical to daily living than some of the other books I’d read at the time.  I also felt it might be helpful for non-believers to just read and think about their own answers to some of the questions/thoughts Lewis proposes.  Anyway, since this has been sitting around on my computer as a tab open for forever just for this post, without further ado, here is “Some Objections” in its original form (with of course the addition of new, nice drawings for those who like visual stimulation): Lewis’s audio broadcast from his series Listener’s Questions about Christianity, around the time of Nazi Germany, which was late collected and revised into text form as the book we now know as Mere Christianity.